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Projects (Research, Development & Innovation)

* Research

CAPES/DAAD (Germany) – Probral I

.Project title: “Application and Extension of Meta-Heuristics for Supply Chain Planning Research”
.Period-1: 2012-2013
.Period-2 (extension): 2014
.Modality: Collaborative project (Two-way budget)
.Role: Co-ordinator
.Partners: Universities of Pernambuco, Federal of Ceará and Münster (Germany)


CNPq/UPE/BMBF (Germany)

.Project title: “Applications and improvements of computational intelligence algorithms for modeling and optimization in complex problems of supply chain planning and epidemics forecasting”
.Period: 2012-2014
.Modality: Collaborative project (Two-way budget)
.Role: Co-ordinator
.Partners: Universities of Pernambuco and Münster (Germany)



.Project title(Portuguese): “Multi-Evolutionary Hybrid Systems – µEvoHSys” (“Sistemas Inteligentes Multi-Evolucionários Híbridos – µEvoHSys”)
.Period: 2013-2015
.Modality: Individual project (Grant)
.Role: Principal investigator
.Partners: University of Pernambuco


CAPES/Humboldt Foundation (Germany)

.Project title(Portuguese): “Multi-modal, Multi-objective and Restrictions aware Fish School Algorithms for Supply Chain Planning”
.Period: 2014-2015
.Modality: Individual project (Fellowship)
.Role: Principal investigator
.Partners: Universities of Pernambuco and Münster (Germany)


* Development and Innovation

N3 Computers

.Project title(Portuguese): “Applications of Computation Intelligence in Commercial Problems of Prediction and Classification – PC2” (“Aplicação de Inteligência Computacional em Problemas Comerciais de Predição e Classificação – PC2”)
.Period: 2012-2013
.Modality: Industrial project (Single budget)
.Role: Coordinator
.Partners: University of Pernambuco and N3 Computadores

Professional Agenda