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Other Teams Around the World Investigating The FSS Family

Updated in july/2017

Group:              Practical Computer Science

Focal Point:     Prof. Dr. Herbert Kuchen

Institution:      ERCIS, University of Münster. Germany

Group:            CONTRAINTES: Constraint Programming

Focal Point:   Dr. François Fages

Institution:    INRIA, Paris-Rocquencourt

Group:            Research Lab. Computational Tech. and Applications

Focal Point:    Dr. Techn. Andreas Janecek

Institution:    Faculty of Computer Science, University of Vienna

Group:            Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

Focal Point:    Prof. Tshilidzi Marwala

Institution:     FUniversity of Johannesburg – South Africa

Group:            CIRG (Computational Intelligence Research Group)

Focal Point:    Professor Andries Engelbrecht

Institution:     University of Pretoria – South Africa

Group:            Graduate Program in Applied Informatics

Focal Point:    Professor André L. V. Coelho

Institution:     University of Fortaleza – Brazil

Group:           Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL), School of Electronic Eng. and Computer Science

Focal Point:    Professor Ying Tan / Dr Andreas Janecek

Institution:     Peking University – China